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History of Sunbury Festivals

Sunbury is famous for Festivals. From 1972 to 1975 Sunbury was host to Australia‘s most successful Pop / Rock Festival ever!

The Sunbury Pop Festival, which ran from 1972 to 1975, is often regarded as a milestone in Australian music for many reasons, and in 2015 was inducted into the Age Music Victoria Hall of Fame. It was also known to some as the Sunbury Rock Festival, Australia’s Woodstock and Sunbury’s Woodstock Festival. This festival will always be remembered in history books not only in Australia but throughout the world.

The Sunbury Community Festival ‘SunFest’ (originally the Sunbury Fair) first started in 1977 by a group of Sunbury volunteers. After the Sunbury Pop / Rock Festival finished in 1975, Sunbury was left with a void and after one year had lapsed with no festivals the Sunbury Fair began.

This group of volunteers wanted to bring to Sunbury an old fashion community fair free of charge to the people of Sunbury and its surrounds. Since this first event this festival has grown to be Sunbury’s largest event, and the largest community run event in Victoria.

In 2017 will be celebrating the Sunbury Community Festival’s 41st anniversary year of serving the Community by providing a free three day festival full of fun and entertainment for all ages, and with many surprises thanks to the support of the local traders, businesses and the community.

With approximately 30,000 people having attended our last festival, we will again offer great attractions that no other festival or show can offer in the Sunbury Region.

Attractions include amusement rides and carnival games, the SunFest Talent Shows, Battle of the School Choirs, Grand Street Parade , Fireworks, live bands, roving entertainers, local entertainment, SunFest Under The Stars, Sunfest Colour Run and lots more.

SunFest shares Hume Australia Day Award – 2015 “Community Event of the Year”.


  • Has free entry to the whole community and to people of all ages.
  • It has free entertainment and fun for children all day.
  • It has free entertainment for adults all day.
  • It provides an opportunity for children to win prizes and receive giveaways.
  • Provides an opportunity for adults and families to win free prizes from sponsor’s stalls
  • Attracts up to 30,000 people each year.
  • It provides a dance floor for people of all ages to join in on the entertainment.
  • Is community-minded and encourages all community organizations to be involved.
  • Is run solely by volunteers.
  • Has a large food court with a variety of food where parents can sit and are able to watch their children on stage or on the carnival rides.
  • Supports a number of local charities with monies raised through events

The Sunbury Community Festival is a special event that means a lot to the community.   We now have hundreds of parents who were once children themselves who had come to the Festival with their parents and are now bringing their own children along to enjoy the festivities.
SunFest is a Sunbury Tradition with events such as the Grand Street Parade on the Saturday also running in its
43rd year. Hundreds of families line the streets to watch this Grand Street Parade with its colorful floats, streetwalkers, clowns and attractions.
There is a lot more we can say about this festival however to make it a success we need to rely on the
the generosity of our sponsors and all the community-minded volunteers.
If you would you like to assist and join the committee or become a Friend of SunFest? Click here