Grand Street Parade

Sunbury celebrates our exceptional and diverse community with the Grand Street Parade featuring community groups, clubs, sporting groups, schools, businesses, emergency services, and novelty acts with floats, displays, costumes, fun, and laughter.

The Grand Street Parade will take place on Saturday 21st March at 12:30 pm along Harker Street and O’Shannassy Street and is free to watch and participate. We welcome all to come and cheer on the heroes, legends, clubs, and fun of the Sunbury Community.

To register please return the form below to by 10th March 2020.

SunFest – 2020 Grand Street Parade Rego Form


Grand Street Parade – Route

We ask that all groups are assembled at Perry’s Produce by 12noon where you will be placed in your order and receive your Paddle.

The Grand Street Parade route is the same as in previous years. The Parade will turn right into Harker Street and then turn left into O’Shanassy Street and continue to the Village Green. It will end at the Main Stage. Participants are to turn right into St Mary’s in O’Shanassy Street and continue along the track, guided by marshals, before finishing in front of the Main Stage and judges.

All paperwork including insurance is to be submitted no later than Monday 11th March 2019.

Submit to

Vehicles (trucks, cars, and floats)

All vehicles are to finish on O’Shanassy Street at St Mary’s Gate, where the participants walk in on foot. If your float or vehicle is carrying passengers, your passengers should disembark here and walk to the Main Stage on the Village Green. Your vehicle can continue up O’Shanassy Street and park.

Walkers – participants

When you arrive at the Main Stage please gather in your groups. Move as far forward as possible to allow the remaining participants to enter. The judges will finalize the judging here as all the groups enter the Main Stage.

Please be patient and allow some time for all the participants to enter and to complete the parade, and ensure that you have drinks and refreshments for the walk as per the instructions are given when registering. For group organizers: before the day please inform the families of participants that the finish line is at the Main Stage. Ask family members who are not part of the parade to wait on the outskirts until the judging and presentations are complete.