Celebrating Music, Art, and Culture in Sunbury

Welcome to SunFest, the ultimate celebration of music, art, and culture in the beautiful city of Sunbury. Our festival brings together a diverse range of local and international artists to showcase their talents and connect with our vibrant community. From lively music performances to delicious food and drink, SunFest offers something for everyone. Join us for an unforgettable experience filled with creativity, fun, and good vibes. Let the sunshine in and let's celebrate together at SunFest!

  • Live music performances from local and international artists across multiple stages
  • Delicious food and drink options from local vendors
  • A bustling market with unique and handmade items for sale
  • Interactive workshops and activities for people of all ages
  • Kid-friendly entertainment and activities in the dedicated family zone
  • Dance performances and classes to get you moving
  • Relaxation and wellness activities to help you unwind
  • Special events and surprises throughout the festival to keep you engaged and entertained.

SunFest Partners